Black Americans who have never been enslaved are calling for reparations but is there another group of Americans more deserving?

Welcome to February, which means it is now officially Black History Month. A time to celebrate some of the greatest Black Americans and their contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. It is also a time to highlight those historic individuals and their contributions to science, technology, sports, entertainment, education, and much more. It is also a time to reflect on our Nations history, learn from our past failures, and strive to make the country a better place for all our citizens. Depending on who you may ask and what their ideology may be, you will certainly arrive at different conclusions on how best to achieve these goals. Most Americans believe in fairness and equality for all however many believe that the way to achieve that equality is not through hard work and determination, but rather through retribution and perceived injustices in the form of reparations.

As previously covered by The Gateway Pundit, as far back as 2021 Democratic Lawmakers are pushing for reparations for people who were never victims of slavery.

The last known survivor of slavery, who came over on the very last ship from Africa died in January of 1940. Her name was Matilda McCrear and that was 83 years ago.

Before slavery was repealed, roughly 600,000 slaves were taken from Africa and brought to America (By White Southern Democrats) and relocated to the thirteen colonies, the Deep South, and the Caribbean.,the%20rest%20from%20the%20Caribbean.

So, this begs one question. If there are NO LIVING survivors of slavery, and the last known slave died 83 years ago why then is there a sudden push for reparations for people who were never even enslaved?

One can only point to politics as The Democratic Party has been steadily losing Black voters each election cycle. Offering reparations is a way for Democrats to solidify their Black voter base and “buy” Black voter loyalty for future elections. Black Americans have fought to be free from slavery for hundreds of years, yet they still overwhelmingly support the party who designated them as only 3/5ths of a person? Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and mass segregation were all originated by the Democratic Party. It is shocking that the Republican Party, which literally was founded on an anti slavery platform still struggles to capture the majority of the Black vote in America. However not all Black Americans are fooled by the Democrats reparations charade. They understand their history and know they are being used as political pawns by Democrats.

I don’t personally believe in reparations however if Democrats want to give out reparations perhaps they would best be suited to a group that actually experienced REAL oppression and are still alive today to tell about it.

As of 2022, the world wide population of Jews is only 15.3 million. That is a tiny fraction (0.002%) of the world’s 8 billion population. By contrast, there are 1.2 Billion Black people in the world which is 15% of the world’s population. By these statistics, it is clear that Jews are indeed a true minority worldwide.

Let’s break this down even further. In the United States there are approximately 47 million Black people which make up 14% of the population. By contrast, there are only 6 million Jews in America which make up only 1.8% of the population. Remember, there are no living survivors of slavery in America however there are approximately 50,000 living Holocaust survivors. People that were enslaved. People that were persecuted. People that were oppressed.

The city of San Francisco in the state of California, which was never a slave state nor are there any living survivors of slavery, is now proposing to give $5 million dollars to each of their eligible Black citizens, which is roughly 44,000 people. There are 4,000 Holocaust survivors currently living in San Francisco many of which are living below the poverty line. Where are their reparations?

If there is a group in this country that is most deserving of reparations it is the living survivors of the Holocaust. Reparations are a very bad idea overall however survivors of the Holocaust would certainly deserve them over people who were never enslaved or even oppressed? Reparations is the new tool being used by Democrats in order to control Black Americans and demand their loyalty every election cycle. This will only lead to more bitterness and divisiveness in America. Furthermore, the state of California is currently 283.7 Billion in the hole and is basically fiscally insolvent.’t%20have,send%20%2421%2C900%20to%20the%20state.

These reparation payments will only make matters worse and drive California and eventually the entire country into bankruptcy.

If Democratic Politicians, who feel guilty for being the party of slavery want to pay true reparations they can put their money not the taxpayers money where their mouth is. If every Democratic Politician in California and around the country donated their salaries to their Black constituents perhaps it would be a nice gesture, and help them get over the fact that they were the party of slavery. Personally, I think cutting spending, lowering taxes, and creating jobs is a much better alternative but we all know why Democrats would never want to do such a thing.

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