They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, not when the copier has no talent, no convictions, and stabs you in the back instead of defending your right to speak. The 10 Trillion Tier Justice system strikes once again as Crackhead Hunter gets no jail time for serious crimes that would have put any Republican away for life. O’Keefe Media Group strikes again and this time their target is Black Rock. And finally, 7 years ago I accurately Predicted Trump’s victory and exposed a certain fake Attorney General….


  1. I have bombarded Gary’s show with ‘watch’ Many times over the last 4 years. Most of his commenters are trolls and bots all set up to disenfranchise anyone who believes in Donald Trump and freedom. How do I know this? Because they have viciously lashed out at me just for voicing my opinion.

  2. I’ll also add, you talk about NNN being last week’s news, I remember waiting forever for Fentanyl Floyd’s story to break. In July 2020 (later on), I so happened to be curious about your show, and the 1st time I watched it was on the YT video where you explain Fentanyl asking TEN TIMES to be removed from the car!!

    1. Gary Franchi is a 400-pound behemoth of a man who eats jelly donuts and mocha lattes for breakfast and his second main cohost is another 400-pound fatass from the west coast who almost looks identical.

  3. Funny, I used to watch Gary years and then I discover Josh on You Tube. At that time Gary would just quote news he heard from someone else’s work. Your show was better and I stopped Gary right away. I was even there with you went with Roku and I’m still here. Keep it up. We need you.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Emma, thank you for your support and loyalty! I could not be able to what I do WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!!!!! And I am so grateful, so humbled, and so appreciative of my wonderful and amazing supporters!!!! MY EXTENDED FAMILY!


    It looks like old Gary’s ratings must be suffering badly. When I unsubscribed from his newsletters or whatever it was, I put in comments that his show was better when you were on it. Because of demonic companies such as blackrock, vanguard and state street, we SERIOUSLY should have our own CHRISTIAN banks, Christian schools, Christian grocery stores, Christian doctors, etc.

    1. Lit Mystery, I agree before we break up the union in a violent revolution perhaps a “Virtual Secession” would be a first step. Our own everything. Schools, companies, jobs, entertainment, sports, restaurants, etc. It would be very hard to do but not impossible. We would need a minimum of 10 of the world’s richest Conservative Billionaires to pool their money together and make a commitment to start it and enforce it.

  5. Gary is all but finished from what I see. YouTube demonetized him a few months ago. He was begging people for money asking for help. His videos now are only a minutes or two long minus the ads. Everyone that was subbing for him are gone now and he’s on his own. I’m not sure if Brian is even with him any longer? You should see what Occupy Democrats on FB is posting about Hunter. I’m getting a laugh from reading their BS. I did post a comment that he was the poster boy of white privilege and the 100 tiered justice system. Getting some likes on that.

    1. Glen, how do you know Brian? He is/was Gary’s producer in Alabama if I remember correctly. Surprising to me to hear you mention his name. I never had any issues with Brian. He was always nice to me and sent me the weekly scripts that I had to read on air.

      1. Josh, I only heard his name on the show. Gary would sometimes mention him. “Brian, go ahead and roll this clip”. Rich Crankshaw did as well about upgrading his video equipment. I do bullshit with Rich every now and then. Great guy.

    1. Justin, how is calling him a no talent loser promoting him? He COPIED ME!!!! ????? Did you not watch the first clip??? If not watch it again.

      1. In your thumbnail picture. Why the heck would you show his face? You’re reminding at least me that the Next News Network still exists, and didn’t he finally get busted for peddling fake news?


    That Gary Franchi has no shame ! He copied youtubes’s fake news on his shows and repeatedly showing fake pictures of him posing with President Trump on every covers. And yes, I’ll bombard him with my comments, and it will be my pleasure.

    More power to You JOSHTRADAMUS !!!!

    1. Gail, Josh used to work for a dump called Next News Network. NNN is hosted by Gary Franchi, and any fill-in hosts, of which Josh used to be one. Then when Josh lost platforming everywhere, big fat Gary kicked him off right before he started this site. Now he wants to copycat??

      FYI, as terrible as the quality is, lol, if I didn’t publish this video 3 years ago: then I wouldn’t be on this site!!

      1. I cannot get on You Tube to comment -have trouble with passwords etc. So I will have to try to find his website -just putting in does not do it. Thanks

  7. Bernardturchetta

    I have left Information about your show numerous times on gary’s Comment section! I couldn’t believe when I heard that!😯 i HAD to Let you know! Glad you mentioned, now we can ALL Let him have it!! Gary is about as legitimate as this fake administration!
    …. I have a lot of your older shows From that time era on! Joshstradomas has made Lots of predictions that have come true! About a month before the 2020 election. You made a video called “if they steal it, Here’s the 7 terrifying things they plan to do” All of those things they either have done or are still trying to!😯 I don’t know if you still have access to that video, But if you do, That would be a nice one to drop for a “best of” some day!😃 That video predicted everything That is happening now, From 1st amendment ,2nd amendment, Confinscation of wealth, Ending the filibuster, packing the courts, ALL Of it! If you could by any chance dig up that video, I would love to screen record and save it!😃

      1. Bernard, AF Branco is an awesome patriot who I interviewed oh I don’t know probably 9 or 10 years ago. It was in the very beginning of both of our careers. I know he watches my show as well so maybe he got the idea from me but probably not. He’s pretty darn smart on his own. Nobody can tell multiple stories using 1 image like he can. Truly amazing talent!

      2. Bernie, Blinken is such a Commie idiot. If he did carry a big stick, an American Patriot would take it from him and beat him within an inch of his corrupt & worthless life.

    1. Bernardturchetta

      When people have nothing left to lose IS Definitely when the people will finally rise up! if not hopefully before then! When New Hampshire’s slogan “live free Or die” Becomes a harsh reality, There Will be No other Choice!😯

      1. Bernard, AMEN! Where are the New Hampshire live free or diers? I would have thought with a motto like that they would be leading the charge? But I guess too many cancerous Taxachusetts assholes moved in and now their motto is “Live Free or get on Welfare”

    2. Bernard, I just went through all those alt censored shows ands I can’t find it. I have an external hard drive with over 500 past shows including huge interviews but I can’t find it. When we moved my wife did most of the packing and well, need I say more lol. It is somewhere in a box in a garage I just need to find it.

  8. You can count on me – I’ll go to Next News (which I’m not usually doing) and give Gary a salted comment.
    Hunter Biden not jailed – yet! I still hope he will be after more revealings of his money laundering etc.
    It will be exciting to follow MTG’s impeachments of M Garland, Wray and the other scumbags (who haven’t given any allegiance to the American flag). They should have been in jail a long time ago.

    1. Done! I went to his show “Budlight’s Shocking Downfall…” and wrote:
      My thoughts: “Those are my thoughts. What about yours? Drop a comment below?” Well done, Gary! You’ve copied the ending from
      You should all go there and get real firsthand news.

      1. Hi Josh
        I haven’t watched the nnn and Gary in many years. When the copycat kicked you of I was done. He has no loyalty. I’ve bin throw smaller sturr with my own family when my father past. They took the business from us. We were legal partners in the business. I kind of understand why you feel the way you do. People don’t understand, what it’s like. Unless you go throw it yourself. When someone takes away your livelihood. They told me your father is dead, and
        You are no one hear anymore. Long story short. I guess buy copying you, he figures he can somehow improve his own shows quality. I guess he’s losing money or something as well.
        Have a great day.
        GOD BLESS
        Thomas78, Corvette

        1. Thomas, correct me if I’m wrong but you came here from NNN right? I know for a fact at least 100 of the subscribers I have left him and came over to me so I guess my time on NNN was not all for nothing. However, I ask him a few times, “Hey let me fill in just ONE TIME (do about 25-30 segments and give out my website) then I said “you don’t even have to pay me.” But he STILL REFUSED. That is why I hate that fucking selfish prick. One time filling in would have allowed to bring over at lease another 50 to maybe a 100 more subscribers but no fat ass greaseball Franchi had to be a selfish dick wad.

      2. Iris, I couldn’t find your comment on that video on YouTube. Unless you commented on his website.

        He changed his format on YouTube, now he just has short videos. If you want to watch clips that would be in his videos, you have to go to his site.
        Watching N³ isn’t like it used to be, it has gone down hill after he got demonetized (thank God we don’thave to listen to Ivory Hecker on N³). The first
        time we heard the “those are my thoughts, what are yours, put them in the comments below” phrase was one of his videos about KJP.
        We watch a few videos on N³. We may even Unsubscribe from his YouTube videos.
        My wife and I heard that and said wait, Gary is using Josh’s video-ending phrase.

        1. Oh, I’ll check it out, because he usually deletes my comments about Josh.
          I unsubscribed long time ago. He’s coming with old news all the time.

        2. You’re right, Karl! I went to his short video, and it was taken away. It happens every time I write there. Hopefully some people can read it before he deletes it. I’ve written there again.

        3. Karl, I obviously do not go on NNN or his website so he could have used my phrase for years and I would have never known about it. I am sooo thankful BERNARD told me about it and posted the video in the comments section here the other day. As soon as I heard it was enraged. I was not flattered. I was pissed off but in the end he is failing and failure is what happens to people who abandon their friends and only look out for themselves.

    2. Iris, until Republicans A) Grow a pair a balls. 2) Fight nasty like the Democrats do. 3) Get rid of McCarthyism 4) Keep the House and Gain back the Senate and restock both houses in 2024 with Trump Supporting members who are America First, unfortunately nothing is going to happen. As I say, “mental masturbation” not being negative just being realistic which is the only thing you will ever find on this website my dear 😉

      1. Bernardturchetta

        We also need a shirt that says “I stand with Russia!” With a picture of the Ukraine flag with a big X over it! 😃 let’s ruffle some feathers 🪶 with THAT one!🤣🤣

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