In a 15-0 vote that was supposed to take place on Thursday (today) but was secretly changed to Tues due to the outrage from the public voted to FORCE your children ages 6 months to 17 years to get a Covid vaccination as part of the immunization requirements to attend public school!!!! Also, they shut down the public commenting site which is illegal! These mother fuckers need to pay for this and I will see personally that after the mid terms the AZ Legislature introduces legislation that tells the Federal Govt to go f-ck themselves and take their poisonous f-cking clot shots and stick em the ass!!!


    1. OMG!!! Go for the Key, then escape and eat the bread and get away!!!!!!!!!! This must be a Brain Dead Liberal, or a RINO who’s Blinded by the Leftist Lies.

  1. Bernardturchetta

    I knew these bastards were going to do that shit with these vaccines! I’m glad your son is not in public schools, and I’m glad my son is graduated already! I hope any other listeners of ours are able to find alternate education for their kids! It is terribly unfortunate for anybody who is unable to do that!😯
    I hope they do Force Katie Hobbs to debate kari Lake! And I hope it is televised! Because I want front row seats for that! That will be just as bad of an ass kicking that you gave that black professor and that asshole from The Young jerks!🤣🤣🤣

    1. Absolutely, Bernie, I’d gladly pay to see that debate. Maybe we could both get seats in the front row and throw Fresh Dog Dropping at Katie Slobbs!!!!!!!

        1. Better yet, maybe we can find Chicken Remains at a local butcher and throw Gizzards, Livers and Entrails at the Leftist Katie Slobbs!!! I’ll bet she’ll feel Intimidated and Accidentally Flush herself down the Toilet this time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Josh, your intro comment says it ALL!!!!!!!! I don’t live in AZ, but I stand with you. They can stick it where the SUN Don’t shine and Die in our place. And now I’ll watch the report of the day.

    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joshua, Fetter Neck could only be above and winning against the Wizard of OZ because he’s a Fictitious man made holly weird character. I don’t live in AZ, but I stand with you, Joshua!!! These murderers must be stopped and take their own Poison where the Sun don’t Shine. OMG, just vote a little BLUE??? Yeah, vote Blue for the Superintendent of the Waste Water Plant that’s been completely automated. His Office can be a Large Cardboard Box in the parking lot next to the storm drain.

      It’s great to see you laughing and with a big smile on your face, Josh. Yes, I’ll vote Early on Election day and I’ll make sure I bring my own pens, Black & Blue whatever they are using and never accept a Sharpe. If We The People don’t see RED WINS on Election Day, we’ll be ready to do whats required.

      1. Roger, I’m laughing because crying is not an option lol! No seriously Ray is a crack up and I enjoy cutting loose and cracking jokes rather than always being serious.

  3. Josh!
    I really like this show! Interesting information for you. My best friends each got two absentee ballots in the mail two days ago!
    Matt asked me what to do with them and l said to take them out back and burn them!
    Also, the voting here in my neck of the woods has been announced. They have announced that the poles will be open for one week prior to the 8th!
    That means they’ve got one whole week to cheat! I always vote on the specific voting day and now, l think l will vote one hour before they close instead of 6 a.m. like Douglas and l used to do!

    1. Julie you gotta see Tina Forte! OMG she is awesome! She make Marjorie Taylor Greene look like a girl scout! She is challenging AOC and has a chance actually or at least I hope.

    1. Oh how I wish I was traveling with you to the Holy Land. When you walk the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, if you find my Heart say Hi and give it a hug for me please. I hope you get to see the Sun Rise over Lake Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee. Jerusalem and the area of the Sea of Galilee are my two most favorite places on Gods Earth.

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