NOTE: I AM AWARE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE COMMENT SECTION.  I AM WORKING ON IT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND AND SUPPORT.  As our twisted media celebrates over 13% of the US Population receiving at least one of these Covid Vaccines they completely ignore the dangerous side effects, reactions, injuries, and even deaths attributed to them. In fact, anyone even members of the Medical Community will be marginalized, labeled a conspiracy theorist, ridiculed, and even reprimanded up to and including revocation of their right to practice medicine! But not everyone is afraid of the Medical Deep State. Here is one brave Doctor’s cautionary warning to all Global Citizens…



    So in the vaccination which has dead baby fetuses, heavy material poisons, and loads of MICROCHIPS, once it’s in you, and they turn on the Doomsday Apocalypse 5G technology, it will cause massive stroke reactions to every single person who accepted the vaccine and will die. It will feel like your brain is exploding and it is. Bill Gates wants you and everyone you care about dead.


      SARS-CoV-2 is real. It came from labs from Wuhan, China and couple places in America.
      I truly believe that this toxin is indeed in two distinct forms. My hypothesis is a viral version was released by the NWO Elite, without the knowledge of the Chinese Communist Party, at the Wuhan Military Games in October 2019. That would explain why it easily spread around the world as it was delivered by
      In December 2019, the CCP released the bacterial version(unrelated to the viral version) in the Hubei Province and its capital, Wuhan, as cover for its deployment of 5G and also for its purging of democracy activists. This would explain the sudden deaths that region was experiencing. It would also explain why the Chinese authorities treated this “illness” as bacterial by its deployment of PPE and by spraying.
      Notice when the outbreak of the “illness” first occurred, the authorities told people that it was being spread through indirect and direct physical
      contact. A few months later, the opinion of the spread was mainly changed. Person to person and/or airborne became the main means on how it was spread. Masks and social distancing started to be emphasized more.
      I hypothesize that the viral toxin is indeed airborne, like influenza. It was too rare for family members of an infected individual to get the virus for transmission to be considered person to person.
      The first wave of any pathogenic illness will be the most virulent and dangerous. The waves after that will not have same adverse effects because of the immunity developed by so much of the populace. For a toxin to have an impact, it has to spread from one individual to the next quickly. Otherwise it will “die” quickly. After all, if its host dies and the toxin has not spread to others, it too will “die”. It only survives if its host survives. The death of its host will cause its own “death”.
      If the host fends off the infection and if the toxin has no place else to go because other potential hosts have immunity, that toxin ceases to exist.
      This is why the “vaccine” makes no sense. Why administer something that artificially boosts immunity at the tail end of the wave? The “enemy” has already been defeated as immunity against it has been built. A new wave of the same strain will not have much of an effect.
      Of course if the new wave has a different strain of a virus, conventional vaccines will not work in any event. With this new injection, it is not even a vaccine. It is instead genetic modification therapy. This means that it will cause all cells to mount an immune response to any exposure of SARS-CoV-2 and perhaps any other spiked proteined pathogen.
      For anyone to survive, his or her adaptive immune system needs to be constantly updated. This can only happen with exposure to pathogens on a constant basis. Constant re-activation is needed for both the innate and adaptive immune systems to be effective.
      An highly aggressive response will lead to overkill and that will cause a multitude of needless difficulties. In medicine, it is always better to undertreat than overtreat. Being too conservative and exercising too much restraint may be ineffective. However, it is better than the alternative.
      5G activates the bacterial infection and can cause symptoms that are different than the viral infection.
      “C-19” are two different illnesses according to my hypothesis. The viral illness affects lungs and
      causes ARDS(Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). It also affects
      other organs and bodily systems.
      The bacterial infection can cause symptoms very similar to altitude sickness.
      It also can affect organs other than the lungs as it can effect other bodily symptoms than respiratory. It can occasionally do this damage without causing the patient to develop high fever, severe cough, and acute respiratory ailments. There are many who are suffering from lingering effects of the C-19 toxin without ever having been seriously sick with fever and respiratory ailments.


        So in result, if 5G technology becomes reality and commonplace, it will have create a diameter of microwave radiation heat and anyone inside that radial of radiation will indeed come down with “radiation sickness.” I knew it, I knew it! No one listens to me when I say 5G will cause radiation sickness because everyone won’t stop acting like their life can’t go on without their fucking cellphone. They better not complain when they are sick all the time since their cellphone is so precious to them. I guarantee no one will even respond to this comment. No one ever responds to me when I bring up “5G will cause radiation sickness” like I am either spewing bullshit they don’t want to hear or because I am attacking the dystopian technocracy we are currently living under and they would just tell me ‘well there is nothing you can do about it, this technology is the future and if you’re brain can’t withstand it, then I hope you (referring to me) die.’

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