Another Full Access Friday, albeit a little shorter than normal due to me needing to attend a political event. However, we packed a lot into this one including why Biden wasn’t prosecuted. Putin’s interview with Tucker. And much more.


  1. A lot of interesting stuff! I believe all 3 lawsuits against will crumble. They have no proof of any wrongdoing.They’re just after Trump. First they try to find the person and then the crime. It will end with the prosecutors being sued for their criminality an their illegitimate processes and their unlawful ways of being picked by the staring Garland, Funny faced Willis and the secret meetings with OBriben.
    God bless Trump! The DemonRats have no one to beat him with.

  2. I’ve been saying sense the beginning of the demented sock puppets Illegitimate term that he is not gonna make it All the way through to becoming the next nominee for the next illegitimate term! And I think that the reason he’s not in jail Is because like you said before, They have all the people in place to protect him! He’s not in jail for the same reason hilary’s not in jail!😯 The crooked corrupt establishment!!!

    1. Bernard, I am praying Trump picks the right VP or his life could be in serious jeopardy. It is sad that in today’s political climate picking a VP who will protect you from assassination MUST be the #1 priority. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson, Mike Flynn, Kari Lake. These types of VP candidates will likely keep him alive because the CIA/FIA/NSA/SS/etc. and The Establishment 2 party duopoly will NOT want any of those names to take over as President.

  3. Josh! I want to know why! Just why you think NATO would not accept Russia ?
    Opinions matter!
    Yes, Ukraine should Drop out entirely! Give it up!

    We have been lied to via our rotten government for so vary long that is see both sides of the fence! We are standing in the middle of hell!

    1. It’s hard to see both sides of the fence because of the lies and brainwashing we’ve been subjected to all of these years.
      If we went back to the 50’s and started again; lm sure there’d be a different outcome! Josh; you’re correct! Our government threw Russia into China’s arms!
      Tucker put out a 10 p.m. statement on the 8th after his interview! He basically said Putin was mad about being snubbed and lied to.
      I think Tucker was correct!
      I’m sorry if any of you may think l’m Pro-Russia, but l’m not. I simply feel that what Putin addressed, had a lot of truth to it!
      Each World government has it’s own agenda, it’s own goals for it’s people or itself! That is standard. But to form alliances is not a bad thing if you know what you’re up against.
      As for the middle east; We really have no solid alliances there either. They are still quite barbaric, and l’m not talking about Israel at all. It’s the rest of the countries in the middle east.
      The world has gone crazy!
      Take a good look at the kaos of the Netherlands, at Germany, at the UK, and France! As well as Canada! They’re all flipping! But why?
      I seriously believe that the WEF is playiing a major role in all of it!

      Our country, due to our government’s treacherous bull shit and game playing is going the way of the Dodo! Our economy sucks, our fuel supplies are depleted, our currency is crap, our military is vary low, and l could go on and on. But l hope each of you understand it is indeed our own shit government that has done this!

      We need to stop the complacency, get our heads out of our asses and fry the big fish out there that have stuck their fingers in the global pie!
      Even if Trump becomes president again, one term won’t be long enough to fix the mess. We need a strong foundation again and a strong relationship with other countries again! We need to wake up and become a strong nation again.
      Sometimes, l wonder if NATO should be abolished and a new form of it be created if at all.

      1. Putin mixed BS with truth -but I do agree that we could have made Russia a valuable ally after the collapse of the Soviet Union -but nothing was done -not under Bush one, Clinton, Bush two and Obama -Yeltsin may have had a drinking problem but we should have made a connection there -and not courted China – the Russian people wanted freedom -China’ s leaders made the decision to preserve power with the CCP instead of going full freedom with Capitalism -like our leaders now -power trumps what is best for the people. Russia gets a lot of its food supplies from China now and it is crap -my daughter watches YouTube videos of people living there who describe what is available in the markets as poor quality. The globalist/Marxist leaders we have wanted to perpetuate antagonism with Russia while embracing China’s CCP tactics. It is scary -I am praying that my anxiety goes away -worried about my younger daughter being left alone in this crazy world.

      2. Julie, I am very ANTI Union. If I could I would ban all of them. Not because I don’t want protections for workers, of course I do it’s called health insurance or workmen’s comp. I Fucking HATE Unions because they no longer represent the worker. They represent the Management, the Delegates, the bosses, and they ALL DONATE HEAVY TO DEMOCRATS. So fuck the Unions! Fuck them to death!

    2. Julie, maybe you misunderstood me. The reason Russia went into Crimea in 2014 was due to Ukraine’s President at the time, Poroshenko I believe was his name said publicly he wanted to join NATO. Russia is ANTI NATO. Always has been and always will be. Crimea was a warning. Ukraine didn’t listen. Instead, they file the necessary articles to join NATO and Russia doesn’t want NATO’s power so close to their border. This is one of the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine in Feb 2022.

  4. Omg! Shame on me! I got home, had an Alvacado, fed the cat and the bird, sat down, and fell asleep! Dang l’m getting old!
    I can’t wait for spring! My energy will soar when the cold weather is gone!

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