There is a slight discrepancy on the actual year. Most say 1958 some say a different year but regardless the speech is powerful, insightful, and visionary. It is from Robert Welsh from the Birch Society and his warnings then ring true today. NOTE: Please ignore ad at the end.


  1. Robert Welsh was ahead of his times, and he was a True American Patriot. POTUS Trump was trying to do everything he said, and then some. We The People need more Men & Women like Welsh & Trump who want to restore America for our future generations.

  2. Biden PROVED he is NOT the “President”. Just go search and watch the video where Biden says “I don’t know what I am signing”. Then watch him sign his “executive orders”.. You will notice he barely skims over them faking “reading”, and signs away… As we already knew, he is nothing but a “figurehead”, a puppet zombie… Contrast that with Trump knowing exactly what was in everything he signed. Hell, Biden can’t even read 2 sentences and remember what the first one said…

  3. Josh you are about the only great ? Jew. Except for me all the others to many to name ? I haven’t given up hope ?✝️??

  4. These speeches coming after the Second World War are more detailed than previous warnings. The first ones came in 1919. Our first globalist president, Woodrow Wilson, tried to involve us in the League of Nations. At that time our Congress wouldn’t comply. Nonetheless, people like Eugene V. Debs and “Big Bill” Haywood were already agitating for world socialism. After WW II it took the theft of the Atomic Bomb Secrets to shake Americans out of their complacency. Senators Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon exposed and brought prosecution of numerous traitors. The already propagandized media began their smear campaigns. Barry Goldwater was treated as badly as Donald Trump. Much was spelled out in a book called “None Dare Call it Treason.” All your readers’ suggestions only work in the system we have already lost. We no longer have recourse to the ballot box nor to the courts. The warnings have been there for a century. There are none so blind as those that will not see. What suggestions does anyone have that don’t rely on elections or law suits? Your suggestion of working at the grass roots is probably the only peaceful route left. That will be a long haul back. It surely won’t already succeed by midterms. Try mid-century.

  5. I agree with you 100% It is all very frustrating. I believe there is 4 things that can be done but they will take ALL of us working on them together which is hard to get done.
    #1 Trump MUST start the MAGA Party. There were over 80 million plus votes for him. If he announced this party and registered it over 60 million would join within the first 30 days! We would all BURY the Republican Party and punish them for their betrayal.
    #2 He must start Trump Television on secure servers. That will punish Fox News for what they did.
    #3 He MUST start Trump social media on secure servers where we can get our voice out without censorship.
    #4 WE MUST GET ACTIVE!!!! Maga supporters who are pissed off need to run for local offices, State Reps, State Senate, City Council, Precinct Committee Members, and MOST important get jobs as election officials NOW before the left does. This is how we take back our country back 2022!!!! Please if you haven’t yet make sure you are subscribed. 🙂

    1. Rumor has it, the Patriot Party is already being formed starting a couple of years ago with laying the groundwork. And Sidney Powell et al is forming the basis for a super PAC called The Restore the Republic PAC. More on Sidney can be found here.

  6. josh great video.. every true American should watch and adhere to. i have only one thing to say to all out there reading this, along with you! all i hear said is to tele, write and complain to your congress person.? i ask why? NO matter what we do,,, telling them, try voting them out, threatening them??? trying to put terms limits on the whole damn lot of them,,, good and bad ones there say they are going to change and correct the problems… but as they leave you (out of site,,,, is out of mind) to go back to the government safety…. all the officials laugh in our face and state we cannot hurt them as they get re-elected by voter fraud, even when proven so… the courts refuse to act and bring swift justice as we saw in the presidents election. we take action and still NOTHING is done, even with mountain of proof. so we the people are damned if we do !!!, and again damned if we don’t. now should we go to the white house and demand our rights from congress while in chambers for action for our voice to be heard ? we again are condemned outright for such action… ? what the hell is it going to take to get our country back as the founders set up for us.. the actions on congress that day,,,, right or wrong ? was inspiring as the patriot just walk the line and was not out of step as i saw it.. not one person in congress stayed there to entertain the publics grievances to be heard…. every last one coward and ran into hiding like the low life scum on the swamp waters of life in the congress they claim as their own. . i must say that the patriots who did enter the house chambers were heroes in my view,,, at least they did something as many other would like to have done… could plainly see on video,,, they were being waived into the areas.
    IT IS THE PEOPLES HOUSE AND WE ARE PAYING THERE SALARY . WHAT DO WE GET FOR THIS ? ….CRIMINALS WHO ALL STEAL FROM US.. make their life enriched with our money…? it is shameful all has come to this. it seem trump has walked away..??? there is going to be hell to pay and soon i hope for all this corruption…. cannot wait….as they slowly kill us and our youth with the lies to destroy us all. put us under their thumbs for a socialist government…..???
    i am mad as hell and upset to watch what is being done to our country from within……
    those are my thoughts !!!! what are yours ???

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