There is an old saying if you wait long enough you will eventually be proven right. I said over a year ago that the Coronavirus was likely released as a Bio-Terrorism weapon. Now a former State Department Official who was tasked with finding the origins of the virus has stated publicly the same thing. But the media, Democrats, RINOS, The Fake Biden Regime, The Who, The CDC, The Scientific Medical Deep State, and the Satanic Garden Nome Dr Falsey are still lying about it coming from a food market. I am right and they are wrong…

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  1. lockandloadshari

    On the first day I heard about this attack on us I posted on FB that this was a weapon sent to us via the Wuhan lab in China. My elected officials think I’m a tin foil hat wearer so what I posted was ignored. Four months later and they were contacting me to find out what did you know that we didn’t know? I found it to be a bit amusing because pathology and genetics is what I work in every day. Many of us knew exactly where this virus came from and I have no doubt that the opposing party was in on the discussion prior to it being sent our way. What did them in was Trump closing down travel in to our country. Without that we would have millions upon millions dead from this attack. The entire world needs to stand up to China, if not now they won’t get another chance.

  2. oldredwhiteandblue

    Way ahead of you Josh.
    Back when this bio weapon virus started I told my wife that it was a Chinese attack on the U.S. and I also told her that I would bet my Social Security check that the Democommies knew it was coming and had something to do with it.
    I did some research on Dr. Fauci (however you spell that lying creeps name ) and his connections to the Virology lab in Wuhan China. This guy is neck deep with the Chinese as well. One dead give away about the Covid 19 being a bio weapon is the fact that it is starting to ” mutate “. Think about it, if you created a weapon such as the Covid 19 you wouldn’t want them (the enemy) to be able to come up with a vaccine that would stop it. This is why it is mutating. This virus weapon is going to be around for a very long time because it mutates. There are those that say that this couldn’t be a bio weapon because no one (country) would release a deadly virus on it’s own people…WRONG. China has no problem killing their own people, after all they have to many of them in the first place. China wants to run the world and ruin everyone’s economy, making theirs the only economy ruling the world. Don’t forget that China controls all the medical supplies to the U.S. One might ask how did this happen, well look no further than the Democommies and their dealings with China and the trade deals made with them. I digress.

    1. I hope the truth eventually comes out about Anthony Fauci and his ties to the Wuhan lab. Fauci is eager to reject claims that Covid-19 came from the Wuhan lab.
      And, there was a video clip of Fauci saying that a pandemic would hit in 2020. I’ve seen and heard the video but can’t find it now. What did Fauci know?

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