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Preserving Liberty: Bold and Brave Solutions to Save America and Create Permanent Freedom

In Josh Bernstein’s long-awaited debut book, Preserving Liberty, he transforms himself from a daily news commentator into a political surgeon ready to dissect piece by piece every policy, politician, and propaganda in this written autopsy of what is killing our great nation. Josh tackles all the hard issues with wit, humor, and cold hard facts.

In Preserving Liberty, you will learn

  • How to restore voter integrity and confidence
  • How to balance the electorate to give every American a voice
  • How to end the class warfare argument
  • How to rein in Washington permanently
  • How to finally solve our immigration issues
  • How to control spending
  • How to restore accuracy in media, and much more

What sets Josh apart from many others is that he doesn’t just point out and complain about our problems; he offers sound, achievable solutions. How do we solve our nation’s problems and permanently preserve liberty for current and future generations? Find out in Preserving Liberty.

"Let's focus on those millions of Americans who are sick and tired of not having their voices heard, that are being targeted and victimized by a two-tier justice system, and who feel as though America's traditions, customs, and values are under constant assault by a ruling political class completely out of touch with the majority of the people. If you believe in limited government, in law and order, in securing our borders, and the Constitution, this book is dedicated to you."

-Josh Bernstein


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Editorial Reviews


“Josh Bernstein puts real investigation into investigative journalism.”  
—Alan Dershowitz, attorney and New York Times bestselling author

“Josh Bernstein is one of America’s most truthful and ethical investigative journalists.” 
—Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS

“Josh Bernstein and I have been fighting to expose the Covid cover-up, and I am happy to fight alongside him.”
Dr. Pierre Kory, world renown critical care specialist and author of The War on Ivermectin

“Like myself, Josh Bernstein covers the important issues of our times with cold, hard facts. His work uncovers many uncomfortable truths.”
Edward Dowd, founder of Phinance Technologies and author of Cause Unknown 

“At last! Some solutions! We all know America is in trouble, but what to do? Josh Bernstein has opened up the debate. Lots of great ideas presented with clarity and vision. Thank you, Josh!”
Trevor Loudon, filmmaker, author, and speaker

“Josh Bernstein was dominating the alternative media landscape while many people were still trusting the mainstream narrative with pacifiers in their mouths. His new book, Preserving Liberty, continues that tradition as a hard-hitting truth teller that you cannot miss!”
—A. J. Rice, president and CEO of Publius PR and author of The White Privilege Album

“As a sheriff, I need to be tough. Josh Bernstein is one tough investigative journalist with the grit and determination of a sheriff.”
—Mark Lamb, state senate candidate and sheriff

“I have known Josh for many years, and he is one of the few journalists I trust.”
—Sonny Borrelli, state senate majority leader

“Josh Bernstein has been an all-star guest on my program since 2015. My audience and I love his no holds barred approach to tackling the issues of our time with intellect and facts.”
—Jeff Crouere, radio talk show host and station owner of WGSO 990 in Louisiana

“Like me, Josh Bernstein has one agenda, to the truth.”
— Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America and host of Law and Border

“Investigative journalist Josh Bernstein has written a few articles for my website. Each one on topics important to defending our liberties.”
—Jim Hoft, cofounder and editor of TGP

“I’m known for climbing some of the highest buildings and skyscrapers to save the lives of unborn children. Josh Bernstein climbs onto the backs of corrupt politicians and holds them all accountable.”
—Maison Deschamps, pro-life Spiderman

“I’ve known Josh for many years, and no one fights harder to uncover corruption and lies quite like him.”
—Anthony Kern, congressional candidate and state senator

“Josh Bernstein and I go way back. 2014, I think. One thing I can say about him is that he is like a pit bull, relentless salivating to get at the truth.”
—James Lowe, host of the Jiggy Jaguar Show

“Josh Bernstein is a dynamic American newsman, whom I just got to know recently. We in Australia love his commentary, and he is my go-to source for breaking news in the United States.”
—Jason Olbourne, TNT radio presenter

About the Author

Josh Bernstein is a talk show host, political analyst, commentator, and professional speaker, and is one of America’s most sought-after television and radio guests in media today. Josh has been called a “political savant” by the late legendary Hall of Fame broadcaster Barry Farber due to his almost encyclopedic breakdown on many of the important issues of our times. Josh was the former national spokesman for The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC.US), which is one of America’s leading seniors’ health advocacy groups—with over two million members. As a highly in-demand guest, Josh delivers a unique and original perspective that is thought provoking, engaging, truthful, and well sourced. His main areas of expertise include but are not limited to: world affairs, globalism, nationalism, healthcare, current events, social media, political trends, media bias, academia, immigration, and national security.


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