For full disclosure: I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on Television. However, through my extensive research of the Arizona Constitution, my studying of the past mistakes made by the Trump Campaign lawyers in 2020, as well as speaking with Constitutional legal scholars and about a half dozen retired Judges I have come to the conclusion that the only shot of nullifying this falsely certified uncertifiable election is to think way outside the box.

These three campaigns are fighting an unfair, unjust, and uphill battle against the worst power brokers in Arizona. They are up against the leftover stains of the McCain machine, (he may be dead and gone but his disciples still infect the body politic in the Grand Canyon State.) The Corrupt County Recorder Stephen Richer, (who pretended to be a Conservative but never was) The bought and paid for George Soros owned Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, (A twice convicted racist who was too chicken to face her opponent in a debate) Little Billy Gates and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Gestapo, The Globalist China Lovers at The Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Sheriff Paul Penzone, who never could fill the shoes of Joe Arpaio, crooked election officials, Judges, and many others. All of these forces control every aspect of our elections and are the judge, jury, and executioners of our right to a free and fair election.

What I am about to share right now with these campaigns is information even their own legal teams will not tell them. I will be ridiculed, marginalized, even threatened. The legal teams running these campaigns will tell their candidates what I am suggesting can’t be done, etc. I will also tell you the real reason why these “legal experts” won’t tell you this information too. Here’s a little TRUTH bomb. The majority of lawyers don’t care about the law, or justice, or even their clients. They care about the BAR Association and what is good for it not you. The BAR Association is who they serve not their clients.

The road to nullification and a new election runs through Common Law not Administrative Law. What is the difference between the two you might be asking?

Common Law is the human manifestation of universal Natural Law, which creates no hierarchy or dominating force over the people. On the contrary, Common Law engenders and defends the natural liberty and just equality of all people without regard to rank or distinction. It is based on Biblical Law or “Natural Law” something the majority of lawyers don’t like to talk about or even acknowledge. Parenthetically, Administrative Law (which is the only law most lawyers want to practice) is the legal framework in which public administration of law is carried out. It derives from the need to create and develop a system of public administration under law created by Federal, State, or County Governments, therefore these laws are administered under the “Administrative” guidelines created by the legislative and judicial branches of government.

The American legal system in every state including Arizona is based on a Common Law system, (with the exception of Louisiana) which is based on a mix of civil and common law.

Section 1-201 of the Arizona Constitution under the adoption of Common Law states, “as it is consistent with and adopted to the natural and psychical conditions of this state and the necessities of the people thereof, and not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of this state of Arizona and the established customs of the people of this state is adopted and shall be the rule of decision in all courts of this state.” This means every single one of these campaigns can and should file separate lawsuits under Common Law, which is the law of the land, and supersedes the restrictive and unequal justice of Administrative Law.

In addition, any pending future litigation must include and more importantly prove mal-administration of the election. Any suit must show the election was conducted illegally and violated Article 2, Section 21 of the Arizona Constitution which clearly states, “All elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at anytime interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.” This is a provable fact that is outcome determinative through signed and notarized affidavits, election worker testimonies, BOD printers that were DISCONTINUED by the manufacturers BEFORE the election but were used anyway, voter disenfranchisement, Conflicts of interests by the conductors of the elections, co-mingling of ballots, uncertified machines, equal protection clause violations, etc. Any one of these issues is a provable outcome determinative VIOLATION of Article 2, Section 21 under “free and equal” access to voting rights.

Moreover, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone and any other law enforcement officials who set up armed blockades in front of the MCTEC where votes were being counted also VIOLATED Article 2, Section 21 “No power civil or military, shall at anytime interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.” If we had a real Department of Justice instead of one that protects our Banana Republic perhaps these criminals from Maricopa County would be in a jail cell where they all belong.

And finally, Katie Hobbs, Stephen Richer, and Bill Gates all have VIOLATED A.R.S. 38-503 under “Conflicts of Interests”

“Any public officer or employee who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interest in any decision of a public agency shall make known such interest in the official records of such public agency shall refrain from participating in any manner as an officer or employee in such decisions.”

So when Katie Hobbs refused to recuse herself from overseeing her own election she VIOLATED A.R.S. 38-503 Moreover, Chairman Gates also VIOLATED A.R.S. 38-503 when he didn’t recuse himself due to the Political Action Committee he ran with his partner in crime Stephen Richer. Richer, not only VIOLATED A.R.S. 38-503 but he even VIOLATED the Arizona State Bar Association Rules for Professional Conduct. Ethical Rule 8.4 states, under Section (c) that it is professional misconduct to “engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.” Section (d) prohibits “conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.” Section (e) says an attorney may not “state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law.” Richer, a lawyer opened up an anti Trump PAC in November of 2021 thus violating the official code of conduct. Don’t worry Stephen the AZ Bar will be receiving my official complaint soon.

So there it is, just in time for Christmas with a nice neat little bow tied on it for all three campaigns. I do not represent any of these campaigns and none of them have made any payments to me either. This is absolutely FREE advice and if you want to have a serious shot at real justice and overturning this fraudulent election than I highly suggest you take it.

TV Talk Show Host, News Anchor, Political Analyst, National Spokesman, and Professional Speaker Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today. He has appeared on well over 4,000 radio programs and at least 50 TV shows as an expert commentator. Please subscribe to his website at