Website Troubleshooting and FAQs


Use Google Chrome when viewing the website.

We are having reports and issues when our members use internet browsers other than Google Chrome. 

Please follow these directions when resetting your password:

1) Make sure you are logged into the Google Chrome Browser when viewing the website

2) Click the yellow “login” button. Underneath the “username & password” section click “forgot password”.

3) Enter your email that you used to create your account on the website to request a password reset.

4) Check the password reset link in the email. Check your spam, junk and inbox folder for that email. Clink on the link and update/change your password.

5) Now login with your new password and username/email on the login screen.

Website Questions & Answers

Question #1 – Where Do I Subscribe?

You can subscribe here, or click the “SUBSCRIBE FOR FULL ACCESS” at the top of the website. Below the video on the home page, you can also select a monthly support option to become a subscriber. 

Question #2 – I Subscribed to the Website. Now what?

Once you paid for your membership, you should receive an email with your username and password with a link to login into the site. The username is usually your email and you can request to change your password at any time. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE SPAM FOLDER FOR YOUR WEBSITE LOGIN CREDENTIALS.

Question #3 – How do I Login to the Site to View the New Releases?

Please click here to login or click the “Login” button at the top of the website. Please make sure to use your email/username and password to get FULL  ACCESS to the website. 

Question #4 – I’m Having Issues Loading the Videos.

Please make sure that your connected to the internet when viewing the videos. If you’re currently playing another video at the same time in the background, the video may not load. Simply turn off the other video(s) and try again. Please clear your cache if you’re experience any loading issues with the videos. If any problems still resolve, please email us at and our support team will look into the issue further.  

Question #5 – I’m Having Trouble Logging In. What Do I Do?

Due to the extensive security on the website needed from over 10,000 daily attacks from time to time you may have trouble logging in. Here’s what you should do to trouble shoot the issue:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome or try using a different browser. 
  • Clear your website’s cookies and cache. 
  • Click here to login Use this link to login securely

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding. Please email us at if you have any issues or questions.